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Business Air News
Business Air News

Reach the decision makers, worldwide

Our comprehensive, daily research means that we reach more people, and always the right people

Effective advertising delivers its message to all the right people, and that's why Business Air News makes a mission of circulation research.

We track every business aircraft, and every business serving those aircraft, worldwide - to make sure that the chief pilots, ops managers, post holders and management are all onboard and analysed in our subscriber universe.

Then we tailor our news and data to precisely meet their needs, every single one of them, individually.

No other business aviation publisher can do this, and so no other magazines, handbooks or news emails can deliver the same targeted and cost-effective advertising options.

Our universe comprises 75,907 individuals directly responsible for business aircraft, and 56,808 working for business aviation support companies.

Our universe of professionals:
business aircraft owners, operators and experts
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The worldwide business aircraft fleet now numbers over 75,500

Business jets, turboprops, cabin-class twins and turbine helicopters

We consider the business aviation fleet to include all turbine-powered or twin-engined fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters that are used for private and corporate transport, passenger or small cargo ad-hoc charter, air ambulance and utility all over the world. This now numbers more than 75,500 aircraft. We track the ownership and operation of every last one of them.

We track
business jets
We track
We track
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Rooted in Europe, effective worldwide

Business Air News is based near London, UK, but our subscribers and advertisers are global. In fact, we have more readers in North America than in the rest of the world combined.

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Four market-leading advertising vehicles

In print or online, broadcast or narrowcast, fine-tuned or for industry-wide impact...

  • MAGAZINE - High impact
    Eight issues each year for the EMEA region, and four for North America, in printed and digital editions.
  • ONLINE - Immediate results
    Pay per impression, up to 140,000 per month, with a standard banner or a monster billboard.
  • BULLETIN - Targeted action
    Select your audience by aircraft, region or activity. Pay only for emails delivered with your advertising.
  • HANDBOOK - Year-round visibility
    Book enhanced entries in our online Handbook to open up printed options in our EMEA or Long-Range Worldwide editions.

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