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Amaro Aviation inks AW09 acquisition for Brazil launch debut
The contract, signed in December, guarantees exclusive access to the AW09, a Swiss single engine with four-axis automatic pilot that should be certified in 2025. It positions Amaro Aviation as launch customer in Brazil.
The contract guarantees exclusive access to the AW09, a single engine with four-axis automatic pilot that will be certified in 2025.

Brazil-based charter and fractional operator Amaro Aviation has made its debut in the rotary wing segment official by signing an exclusive acquisition contract with Gualter Helicopteros for the AW09 helicopter. The partnership agreement, signed in December, positions Amaro Aviation as the launch customer for the new model in the country.

The aircraft will be operated by Amaro Aviation and chartered normally, and customers can also choose to purchase a time card. The idea is to grow the fleet with other units, which will made available for fractional ownership as well.

CEO Marcos Amaro says: "The AW09 aircraft project is a very innovative one. It is a single-engine helicopter with plenty of power, but at the same time it is a product that will revolutionise the market as it contains four-axis autopilot technology, capacity for up to eight passengers and a very spacious luggage compartment. Furthermore, it is a helicopter with very reasonable operating costs."

"This helicopter will revolutionise the market as it has the best characteristics for a multi-mission single engine, representing a significant evolution compared to existing products in this category," adds Gualter Pizzi, director of Gualter Helicopteros, the official distributor for the AW09 in Brazil. "Amaro stands out for its remarkable technical capacity, highly qualified team and exemplary track record. Its reputation and dedication to innovation make it the ideal choice to take on this strategic challenge."

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