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Daher deliveries remain strong and on time
Daher sustained its delivery pace for TBM and Kodiak aircraft families in 2023, with new bookings extending a backlog into 2025.
The Kodiak 900 and TBM 960.

Daher's aircraft division delivered 74 aircraft from its TBM and Kodiak single engine turboprop product lines in 2023 while logging orders for another 100 of these aircraft to be delivered during 2024 and into early 2025.

Last year's deliveries were led by 56 of the TBM 960 and TBM 910 versions, along with 18 Kodiak 100s and 900s provided to customers and operators during the 12 months.

"These figures reflect the market's stabilisation as we continue to see a strong demand for TBM and Kodiak aircraft, although challenges persist in affecting our industry, including employment and supply chain issues," says senior vice president Nicolas Chabbert. "There have been efforts made to address these difficulties and improve the situation. We are seeing the results of our solutions in the employment field through internal training and the attraction of new talent. For the supply chain, the importance of delivering on time will enable us to continue seeking opportunities in a strong market."

The majority of TBMs delivered during 2023 were the top of the line TBM 960 version, with the largest percentage once again going to the North American market: 43 deliveries were in the US and two were in Canada. Three TBMs were delivered to customers based in Latin America: one in Brazil, one in Mexico and another in Bolivia. The demand remained steady in Europe, resulting in seven deliveries: three for Germany, two for France and two in the UK. In addition, Daher registered a delivery to a new customer in central Asia.

Kodiak deliveries in 2023 involved the two production versions: the Kodiak 100 Series III, which now is offered with a five-blade composite propeller as standard, and the larger, faster Kodiak 900 that was introduced in 2022. The 18 Kodiak aircraft provided last year were delivered to a mix of private owners and multi-mission operators, with North America being the leading market overall. Included among the new customers was the North Carolina Forest Service's Aviation Division.

As of 31 December, 2023 a total of 1,187 TBM and 339 Kodiak aircraft had been delivered to owners and operators worldwide, with the global fleet accumulating nearly three million flight hours. They are backed by the resources of Daher's global support network, which has been merged into a single entity called TBM & Kodiak Care.

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