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Black brings Belo Horizonte capital closer to hub
The air taxi company is launching regular, twice weekly routes between Minas Gerais and Governador Valadares, an area growing in economic importance.
Black Táxi Aéreo will offer two flights per week from Governador Valadares to Belo Horizonte's capital, with seat prices starting at around $255.

Starting in February, Brazil-based operator Black Táxi Aéreo will offer flights between Governador Valadares and its FBO at at Pampulha airport in the capital of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte on Mondays and Fridays, with schedules to be defined. This development accompanies growth in demand from the general aviation sector, which seeks to integrate cities and reinforce regional connectivity. Reservations can now be made through the company's app.

Located in the Rio Doce Valley, around 320 km from the state capital, the municipality of Governador Valadares is a regional hub in education, commerce and health, and has made major investments in infrastructure in recent years, such as the renovation of the airport and the expansion of the BR381 and BR116 highways. The city's economic performance promises to boost business and attract new companies.

"Our intention is to connect this region to the capital, and thus stimulate all the potential and growth that Governador Valadares has shown since the end of the pandemic. This distance needs to be shortened so that the state can grow in an integrated and fruitful way," says Rafael Matos, CEO of Black Táxi Aéreo.

A Black counter is being installed at Coronel Altino Machado de Oliveira airport in Governador Valadares at which flights can be purchased. According to management, prices for seats are expected to start at around $255, with a minimum occupancy of 60 per cent of the aircraft.