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Blackhawk delivers first installed Autothrottle/Autoland-enabled G1000 NXi upgrade
While King Airs are known for their versatility, they can sometimes be demanding for the crew. BAT has installed its first Autothrottle and Autoland on a B200 to increase operational safety.
The G1000 NXi Autothrottle and Autoland options are now available to purchase through Blackhawk Aerospace Technologies.

Blackhawk Aerospace Technologies (BAT), an FAA Part 145 repair station based in Columbia, Missouri, has completed Garmin's first installed Autothrottle/Autoland-equipped G1000 NXi upgrade for a King Air 200. This new technology integrates seamlessly with the G1000 NXi to reduce crew workload, improve safety and add peace of mind.

"BAT is proud to be the first to deliver this exciting new technology to the market," says VP of sales and marketing Conrad Theisen. "While King Airs are known for their versatility, they can sometimes be demanding for the crew. Autothrottle and Autoland increase the pilot's bandwidth for added operational safety."

Garmin's Autothrottle technology manages power levels in each phase of flight based on manufacturer or user-customisable settings, including ITT limits. If the system detects an over temp, over torque or flap over speed situation, it automatically reduces engine power. If the system detects under speed conditions, it will automatically increase engine power.

In the event of an emergency in which the crew is unable to land the aircraft, Garmin's Autoland technology will do so at the touch of a button, delivering added safety in what could otherwise be a catastrophic incident.

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