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ExecuJet South Africa achieves milestones in aviation safety
Approval in the RIE Programme, along with IS-BAO Stage III and IS-BAH accreditation, highlight the company's innovative approach to safety, continuous pursuit of process optimisation and operational efficiency.
ExecuJet South Africa is the first FBO operator to obtain approval from the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry for the Reduced Inspection and Evaluation programme.

ExecuJet South Africa, part of Luxaviation Group, has become the first FBO operator to obtain approval from the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry (IOMAR) for the Reduced Inspection and Evaluation (RIE) programme.

The RIE programme is designed to allow operators more flexibility in extending the rectification cycle for some Minimum Equipment List items, which help streamline operational processes and improve efficiency while maintaining safety standards.

Furthermore, the company secured Stage III accreditation in a recent IS-BAO audit, becoming the sole aircraft operator in Africa to hold this prestigious recognition. It also received approval in the IS-BAH audit, thus further reinforcing its status as the only approved FBO operator in South Africa.

Patrick Hansen, CEO of Luxaviation Group, says: "Safety is at the core of Luxaviation Group's mission. ExecuJet South Africa's accomplishments highlight our dedication to the highest safety standards, solidifying our pioneering role in African aviation, setting new benchmarks and fostering a culture of safety and operational excellence that benefits the entire aviation industry."

ExecuJet South Africa's dedication was recently recognised with a Gold Aviation Safety Award from South Africa's Litson & Associates, reflecting its sustained commitment to high safety standards.

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